Race Crypto

The crypto currency of the future

RACE - the crypto currency of the future

RACE offers highly secured, anonymous transactions across the world. RACE supports Masternodes with a superb block reward. Features as Private send and instant send make RACE a future-oriented currency on the market. With a highly motivated team with its roots from Germany and members across all of Europe, we are keen in bringing RACE to "the moon" - in other words, listing RACE on as many Exchanges as possible. To grow the RACE eco system, we are developing an auction based platform, which enables users to sell their goods to the community all around the world. This platform is planned to be ready for go live at the end of Q4 this year, RACE will be its accepted currency. As a follow up of that roadmap, we are targeting RACE to be accepted by multiple ATM providers worldwide by mid of 2019. Therefor a merchant and payment integration system is in development.

Features from the future

PoW Algorithm


Masternode Collateral

1000 RACE


Difficulty Retargeting: Every block
Difficulty Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave v3

Block information

Block Time Average: 90 seconds
Block Reward: 8 RACE, decreasing by ~10% every year
Block Reward Distribution: In the beginning: 40% masternodes & 60% miners ramping up to 65% masternodes & 35% miners

Instant Send

Confirmation time: ~ 5 seconds


2.4% *

The selected Lyra2REv2 algorithm is an ASIC resistent, secure, efficient and flexible hashing algorithm which got special recognition during the Password Hashing Competition in July 2015. Lyra2REv2 provides resistance against side-channel threats and time-memory trade-offs while allowing to efficiently use parallelism capabilities of the Masternodes stabilize the network and are a key component for PrivateSend and InstantSend. You need 1000 RACE to run a masternode and earn regular rewards. The rewards start at 40% on 09.02.2018 12:00 UTC and first increase by 5% after 6 weeks. Afterwards every 4 weeks the rewards will increase again by 5% until the final rewards structure of 65%/35% is reached.

* Race has a very low premine which will be used to develop the currency further and will be used for bounties, airdrops, exchange funding and further projects.


    • Announcement, release website and Linux/Windows wallets
    • Masternode auctions
    • Launch  of explorer
    • Start masternode payments

    • Listing on two exchanges
    • Masternode listing

    • Listing on further exchanges
    • Additional masternode listings
    • Masternode rental service
    • Publishing of whitepaper
    • Mac wallet


    • Android and iOS wallets
    • Growth of ecosystem
    • Payment implementation for websites


    • Auction platform based on the RACE ecosystem

    • Implementation into first ATMs

  • 2020





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