Best Crypto Bot Trading Platforms In 2021

Have you considered using crypto trading bots to trade better and easier this year? With the bot technology having penetrated into and impacted almost every industry and guaranteeing better user experiences across the board, people are keener than ever to use them for trading in 2021; try out Bitcoin Equaliser to start with and to have a refreshing trading experience. These crypto trade platforms will offer the combined benefits of automated algorithmic trading and customizable options, easy-to-use interfaces, and scope for human oversight. So, you can tweak your trade strategies as and when needed and trade 24×7.

Best Crypto Trade Bots You Can Use In 2021:

  1. Cryptohopper is a cloud-based trade platform and users may use its Strategy Designer feature for making their strategies, buy a template, or follow “experts”. For instance, you can choose almost 30 technical indicators through the Strategy Designer. Since the bot provides for simulated paper trades, it is possible to test your strategy without risking money. You can avail of other exciting features like trailing stop-loss, historical backtesting, stop-buy and stop-short, and dollar cost averaging techniques. You may get Performance Reports for finding out which the best performing strategies are and trade across many exchanges. Cryptohopper bot is supported by ab active community and offers an excellent tutorial section for interested traders.
  2. 3Commas is another cloud-based trade bot for 2021 offering a smart terminal, copy trading, and portfolio management. This platform caters to more than 33,000 users and can be accessed through your smartphone or computer. There is a dashboard connected to the best crypto exchanges and you can trade via the Smart Trade Terminal. This platform is known for providing an impressive collection of trade bots, including short bots for bearish markets and long bots for bullish markets, and composite bots having advanced configurations.
  3. GunBot is perhaps one of the earliest and most well-known trading bots that you can use in 2021 with ease. It comprises of more than 7000 members and has experienced significant growth since its launch in 2016. Both experienced and novice traders can comfortably use the GunBot; for newcomers, there are 14 pre-coded strategies so that they can choose their trade pairs easily and then allow this bot to work on their behalf. Experienced traders can make us of this platform because of its advanced customization options; they are free to tweak the pre-coded strategies to cater to their trade preferences. The simple interface lets users easily identify buy-and-sell points.
  4. Bitsgap is a cloud-based trade platform allowing you to take care of multiple trade accounts through a single interface. This bot was launched in 2018 and now integrates almost 30 exchanges. So, you can easily monitor all your holdings across different exchanges and trade almost 10,000 pairs through one dashboard. You can set buy-and-sell strategies, manage portfolios, and order statuses, track open positions in linked exchanges, make fast changes to orders, execute smart trades, and get alerts for tracking market anomalies.
  5. Trality is perfect for anyone keen to benefit from algorithmic trading without having to trade as a full-time profession. This was created in Vienna in 2019 and has grown into a popular trade bot for advanced users and beginners alike. This platform seeks to bridge the gap between private traders and professionals through creating a platform that everyone can easily access. That way anyone can access the bot technology to make smarter, fully-automatic, and unbiased trades. You can benefit from their state-of-the-art tools for backtesting and bot creation.